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Randy specializes in custom / personalized individual model orders. His models are hand carved and hand painted from Philippine mahogany wood. All of his models are a work of art created with great detail a quality that will last a lifetime.


Randy also is a retired military pilot and possesses an extensive knowledge of military aircraft types and configurations. He has at his disposal a large research library to ensure that your model design, configuration and paint scheme is accurate. He is the preferred model supplier to many of the major American aircraft manufacturers. These companies use Randy’s models as presentation pieces for their customers including military, test units, civilian corporations, pilots, aircrew and support crews.


Take a moment to look through Randy’s visual library by clicking the links above. You will find that his work speaks for itself. You can then contact Randy at any time to discuss building a custom model specifically for you.


12 O'Clock High Quick Facts

  • Supplier of high quality very detailed mahogany wood display models produced to your specifications
  • All model orders are custom made to the individuals specific requirements
  • Model aircraft from WWII up to current types both fixed wing and helicopters
  • Model submarines cover all U.S. Navy nuclear classes
  • Models in catalog are photos of individual and sample orders
  • If your model is not shown please inquire. It does not mean it can't be made it just has not been requested yet

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NOTE **** Please note that the site is still under construction and new sample images are being added daily!


Custom Model Pricing


All models are custom built for each customer at the time of the order. Pricing is as follows:

  • $265 Current Operational Aircraft
  • $285 Non-Operational Aircraft
  • $285 Civilian Aircraft
  • $285 Submarines

All aircraft and helicopter models are generally 14 to 16 inches in length and 14 to 16 inches in width. The models on the stand are generally 8 to 10 inches high.


Submarine models are approximately 21 inches in length by approximately 3 inches in diameter. The model sits on a base 22 inches in length by 5 inches wide. Base height with the submarine mounted is approximately 4 to 6 inches.


Special order request for larger models are available. We have made model helicopters up to 48 inches in length for various U.S. aircraft corporations. These models were used at trade shows to display their aircraft. Please inquiry if you have a large model order requirement.


Model orders generally take 5 plus months from order to delivery. All models are hand carved and hand painted from mahogany wood from the Philippines.


Delivery time can be expedited by up to 2 plus months by having the model air flown to the U.S. This however is an additional cost over and above normal shipping cost. This process has been used for quick turnaround for change of command and retirement gifts. Let randy know your time frame requirements and what is possible.


All models are generally paid for upon receipt based on approval from randy. All models are guaranteed to your satisfaction.